Kimberly Guilfoyle

One of the co-hosts of the television show “The Five” and the former first lady of San Francisco, Kimberly Guilfoyle is a legal analyst on the Fox News (FNC). Associated with the organization for around a decade, she is associated with several shows like “The O’Reilly Factor,” and the “Hannity,” etc., apart from the internet only crime online live show “”as a host and legal analyst since 2006, prior to which she was hosting a pre-existing one hour crime based show called “The Lineup.”


  • Shape would be described as hourglass
  • Measurements are 36-25-35 inches (91-64-89 cm)
  • 32C Bra size (natural)



In May 2006, she married furniture heir Eric Villency on an island in Barbados. However, this marriage as well turned soar and the couple separated in 2009 June and eventually divorced. During her marriage to Villency, she bore her first child and gave birth to a boy Ronan Anthony in 2006.


The young reporter was earlier associated with the Court TV, which she joined in 2004 and co-host of “Both Sides.” She was also associated with the ABC News in which she featured regularly on shows like “Good Morning America” apart from being associated with the CNN for shows like the “Anderson Cooper 360,” which started her career in media and the “Larry King Live.”

She is also well known for her weekly appearance as a guest on Thursdays in the popular radio show as a weekly Thursday “Kilmeade and Friends” with co-host Brian Kilmeade, who is famous for his sexist jokes. Guilfoyle was also recently a victim of Kilmeade’s jokes recently when he ridiculed her for being an “underwear model” during her university days. However, this just as his other comments was labeled as bad humor and ridiculed for making fun of a prominent news anchor in radio show.

She is also credited for covering several major legal cases involving celebrities like O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Natalee Holloway, Scott Peterson, Kobe Bryant and Jon Benet Ramsey..oh and she loves salsa



Career before the broadcast media: Before being associated with the Fox News Channel, she was an Assistant Attorney in San Francisco and a Deputy Attorney in Los Angeles. During her career in law, she was associated with many popular cases like the “Noel v. People and Knoller”, in which she was the co- prosecutor. The case gained international fame as the defendants were prosecuted for their dogs mauling a woman to death. The popular news channel host has also had a brief stint as a high school teacher for a while and was in several other odd jobs before her raise to fame with the successful career in law and media.

Awards and Achievements: Kim was honored with the “Outstanding women of the year” award from San Francisco. During her period in Los Angeles as a deputy attorney, she received multiple awards and honors including that of “Prosecutor of the month.”

In 2005, she was announced as the “USO Best Entertainer of the Year.”

In 2004, she was also the recipient of the “Special Rights Award,” which was preceded by her role in a movie in 2004, in which she played the role of a public defender against the Emmy Award winner Ed Asner in the movie titled “Happily Even After.” The movie featured at Tribeca Film Festival.

Education: Graduate in magna cum laude from the California University, Davis. She has also attended the Trinity College of Dublin Ireland and the San Francisco University of Law; where she published and studied form her research on international children’s right and the European Economic Law.

Early life: Born in San Francisco in 1969 and raised by a single father, Guilfoyle worked as a lingerie model for the “Victoria Secrets” for a brief time to support her education before starting out her career in law and broadcast media.

She was adorned with several laurels and awards for her contributions to the society by means of her work. Guilfoyle began her career at a delicatessen, as a host and waiter before she was promoted as a manager.

Most recently she was taken out of context regarding something she supposedly said about young women voting